Inherent Diminished Value

The automatic loss in the vehicle market value from an accident and repair. It is based on public awareness
that even if a vehicle is repaired to the best of human ability, it will still exhibit remaining deficiencies and inconsistencies
from the pre-loss condition of the vehicle.

These deficiencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Weaker structural components that appear cosmetically sound
  • Impossible to duplicate factory seams, sealers, and finishes
  • Telltale signs of repair, such as paint missing off the heads of bolts¬†
  • The unavailability of some factory decals, and markings
  • Undiscovered Kinetic damage throughout the vehicle
  • The increased likelihood of a mechanical failure
  • The effect that the repair will have on the future deployment of the SRS systems
  • The impossibility of duplicating immersion rust-proofing techniques, etc.